Sea Turtles Underwater Stencil


Create a serene seascape featuring these majestic creatures and enjoy a relaxing and creative experience.

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Looking for a creative and enjoyable activity for your next paint party or DIY painting project? Try our sea turtles’ underwater stencil scene! This fun and easy seascape is perfect for painters of all levels. Bring the beauty of the ocean to your next paint party with this sea turtle’s underwater seascape stencil.

The stencil will fit any 8″ x 10″ surface. The outside cutline dimensions are 10″ x 12″.



  • The stencils are laser cut on clear mylar. This material is very durable, allowing you to reuse them repeatedly on different surfaces.
  • Stencils are made of plastic so they are easy to clean. Spray paint may not be so easy to clean.
  • Stencils are not for commercial resale, sorry.
  • Stencils are great for paint parties and individual painting.
  • All our stencils ship free via first-class mail within the United States. We do not currently ship outside of the United States.
  • You may sell artwork that you create using this stencil.


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