Day And Night Stencil


A beautiful and unique piece of art to cherish forever!


Looking for a fun and creative activity to do with your significant other? Consider hosting a couples painting party where you can use this “Day and Night” stencil to create beautiful artwork on a canvas. Host the perfect Sip and Paint party with this easy-to-use painting template.

The “Day and Night” stencil template comes in two pieces that will fit perfectly on your 8″x10″ canvases. Each person will have their own stencil. It’s amazing how two completely different pieces of art will go together perfectly when completed by two different people. This is a great option for sip-and-paint parties or at-home painting sessions.

Our stencils are laser cut on clear mylar. This material is very durable, allowing you to reuse them repeatedly on different surfaces. Selling artwork that you have personally painted using the stencil design is permitted. All our stencils ship free within the United States via first-class mail. We do not currently ship outside of the United States, sorry.


  • Laser cut on very durable 14 mil clear mylar plastic.
  • The stencil will work on two 8″x10″ canvases.
  • Mylar is reusable and washable. You can use them over and over.
  • Not for commercial resale. Personal use, and paint parties only.
  • Ships free via first-class mail.