Chairs on Beach Template


 Enjoy the calming effects of the beach from the comfort of your own home with this beautiful template.


Unwind with this peaceful and relaxing two chairs on a beach paint template. Perfect for a paint party or a fun coloring page. This serene coloring page will transport you to the sandy shores and help you unwind.

Host a paint party with this peaceful “Chairs On Beach” paint template. Great for relaxation, this coloring page will bring tranquility and calm to your next event. This image comes via instant download only. You will have access to the image immediately after purchase.

Paint templates are easy to use. Simply purchase, download, print, and paint! If you want to transfer the image to a canvas or other surface, no problem! Just use a sheet of carbon copy paper to trace the design to your new surface. The best part is that you can reprint as needed, and one sheet of carbon copy paper will last many traces!

The JPEG design is not for commercial resale. You may not sell, distribute, or share the JPEG image you download! It is for personal use or paint parties only. Selling artwork created using the design is permitted, however.

Your image will not have watermarks on it.

Advantages of Using a Paint Template

  • No waiting for anything to arrive via postal mail.
  • Instantly download the image after purchasing.
  • Easy to use. Easy to trace. Easy to paint.
  • No special tools are needed besides a printer.