Our About page contains information on stencils, templates, svgs, commercial usage rights, and policies on digital downloads. Please read on to find out more.

AOD Graphics offers high-quality reusable plastic stencils, oilboard stencils, pre-sketched art, cutting templates, paint-by-number art, and more. Whether you are engraving, crafting, or having a paint-and-sip party, our designs can be a real game changer for your projects!


Plastic stencils are laser cut on either 10 mil or 14 mil clear mylar. This material is very durable, allowing you to reuse them repeatedly on different surfaces. Oilboard stencils are made with high-quality paper board treated with special oils to resist ink bleed-through. This can be used several times as well, but may not last as long as mylar (especially if using paint to stencil instead of pencil or marker).

Stencils are not for commercial resale! You are not permitted to re-sell our stencils or sell pre-sketched products with them. Using stencils for personal paint parties is allowed, however. Selling artwork that you have personally painted using the stencil design is permitted. We ship all our stencils free within the United States via first-class mail. We do not currently ship outside of the United States, sorry.


Print-ready templates are great for last-minute paint parties, coloring pages, and individual projects. You can download them immediately after purchase. Templates can be used for personal paint parties, but not for commercial gain unless a commercial license is attached to the download. In that case, please read below about “Terms of use on digital downloads”.

Templates are very simple to use. You can simply download, print and paint! If you need to transfer the image to a canvas or another surface, not a problem! First, print to the size needed. Then, use a sheet of carbon copy paper to easily trace to your new surface. Easy peasy!


SVGs can be downloaded immediately after purchase. You will not get a physical item. Digital files are non-refundable. The files you receive will not have watermarks on them. A limited commercial use license will be issued upon purchase. Purchasing the file does not give you the rights to sell, share or distribute the file in any way. After purchase, you will have access to use the clipart in the file for limited commercial purposes. Your usage license will expire one year after purchase. You will need to renew your license each year to continue using the file.


Please review our regulations if you intend to use the files commercially (to make something to sell). Because these are computer downloads, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Contact us if you have any inquiries or issues with a file you receive. We are happy to assist a fellow artist at any time.


SVGs from AOD Graphics come with a commercial rights usage license for individuals or small, privately-owned businesses that sell handmade goods with annual sales reaching up to $90,000. You are given the right to sell any physical goods you produce for craft fairs, vendor shows, Etsy, your website, or vendor booths. Not authorized for corporations or commercially printed/made items. Only for small business rights. There are no rights granted for designs that are made into goods and sold by a third party. Although not required, acknowledgment is appreciated when products are made.


  • You may use the image obtained at AOD Graphics via purchase to create handmade items for sale including but not limited to shirts, mugs, cups, tumblers, tote bags, hats, and wood signs.
  • You can not incorporate our images into a trademark, logo, or service mark.
  • You can not use this image to sell stencils or digital files of the image.
  • You may not use the file in conjunction with any print-on-demand service such as Zazzle, Cafepress, etc (unless you meet the critera below).
  • You may not resell, re-license or redistribute any media purchased from AOD Graphics in a digital or printed format.
  • The file you purchase may not be made available via instant download or claimed as your own.
  • As the buyer, you may not offer this design as a freebie in any shop, website, or blog.
  • May not be used in a pornographic, obscene, illegal, or defamatory manner.
  • You may not alter the file and resell it as your design.
  • You may not share or distribute the file in any way.
  • The license is limited to a one-year contract of use. Purchase a new license each year to continue use.
  • No items or documents will be sent in addition to your purchase. The receipt of the purchase confirms your limited commercial use rights.


For your creative inspiration, download files may come in one of the following formats: SVG, PNG, DXF, JPG, EPS and occasionally PDF formats. Before buying, please confirm compatibility. Our files are instant downloads only. No tangible items will be supplied or mailed to you.

We LOVE recommendations, but please DO NOT share our files with your friends! Refer your friends to our website so they can purchase and download a copy of their own files. That way they have a purchase receipt. We rely on the creation and sale of these files to support our business, so we appreciate your cooperation in keeping what took us hours to create and post for you private.


The files can be used to create any item for your personal use (see Licensing & Commercial Usage Rights for more information on commercial usage). Rights under a license for digital use cannot be transferred. Please don’t share! The file, or any portion of the file CANNOT be sold or utilized to create additional digital files that are intended for sale. You are granted the right to sell actual goods you produce for craft fairs, vendor booths, Etsy, etc.

You may access all your downloads in your dashboard on our website. To view this section, you must have an account and be logged in.


SVG designs are permitted for print-on-demand with two conditions:

  1. Only small, privately-owned businesses with annual sales up to $90,000 can use this option.
  2. If you are utilizing print-on-demand, kindly add ©AOD Graphics to the design. This is best in Arial 7 or 8-point type. This can be done wherever it seems most appropriate.


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